4 Reasons Event Planners Should Use Tyvek Wristbands

Wristbands have quickly become a popular and easy way to manage guests and admissions at large events. Tyvek wristbands have tremendous advantages for users and vendors. This article discusses many of the reasons to offer custom wristbands, as well as some of the different varieties that are available.

They Make Guest Management Simpler

When there are many guests, it can be hard to keep them sorted. Who can go backstage? Who is allowed to drink alcohol? How can daily visitors and weekend pass holders be separated? Offering custom wristbands is one of the most efficient ways to manage guests. Color-coded bands allow security workers to quickly determine an attendee’s level of access, and event holders can get the bands printed with barcodes, text and images that make it even easier for staff to keep guests where they should be.

They Decrease Wait Times

While conventional admission tickets can be used on a variety of occasions, they can cause problems in others. When a guest has to prove they’re of age or that they are allowed to go backstage, it’s easy to lose a ticket. Delays can cause longer lines and impatient, frustrated guests. Identification by custom wristband can take less than a second, which allows guests to move through the line more efficiently.

They’re Durable

Inclement weather and unauthorized access are some of an event holder’s biggest fears. Durable Tyvek bands are lightweight, waterproof and tamper-free. Therefore, they won’t get washed away in the rain or taken off and handed to a party-crasher who’s waiting outside the gate.

They Help Companies Build Brand Awareness

Wristbands are a good way to increase awareness for a cause or corporate brand. These bands can be fashionable, easy to distribute and comfortable to wear. Charity event holders can leverage the power of the simple wristband to get their names in front of every attendee.

A quality wristband offers excellent security. They’re tear-resistant and tamper-proof, which makes them great for outdoor festivals. When an event planner chooses the right wristband, they can be assured that guests only get the level of access for which they’ve paid.